About Us

Dr. Batra’s, India’s largest and oldest chain of homeopathy clinics, opened the country’s first-ever veterinary hospital for pet care. A pet aficionado himself, Dr. Mukesh Batra, Founder and Chairman Dr Batra’s Group of Companies has been working closely with Maneka Gandhi — the well-known politician, environmentalist and animal rights activist in Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, since last 9 years. He has been healing animals in the care centre through the goodness of homeopathy.

Holistic Approach — Introducing Homeopathy for Pets

In India, homeopathic treatment for pets and animals is quite unknown. But, in countries like UK, around 50% vet uses homeopathy in their practice, which is considered to be safe and effective.

According to experts, homeopathy works just as effectively in the healing of animals as it does in healing humans. A qualified homeopathic veterinary doctor can often show good results even in chronic and acute ailments for pets, such as dogs, cats and birds. According to one estimate, there are over 10 million pets in India, 80% of them being dogs, 15% cats and the rest birds and fish. Around 3.6 million pet dogs exist in the six major cities of India alone.

Introducing homeopathy and allopathy for pets in India the clinic extends the benefits of this safe and effective alternative system of medicine to all kinds of pets. Dr. Batra’s Pet Care — a multi-specialty pet care hospital spread across two floors in the Yusuf Sarai area was inaugurated by Maneka Gandhi, who has also helped the group in designing the veterinary hospital.

Along with the profound proponent of the joy of giving, Dr. Batra’s Pet Care abides the Pet First Philosophy!

Key Facilities

OPD – Lets you visit us between
10 am – 7 pm with your pet’s treatment requirements.

OT (Surgery) – Treating an acute medical condition of your canine or feline with an appropriate soft tissue surgery.

Pet Shop – Catering to all your pet care needs under one roof, Dr. Batra’s Pet Care includes a pet shop covering a wide range of pet care products.

Grooming Centre – Taking care of your pet’s entire grooming needs also make every effort to accommodate your special grooming requests.