Dr. Batra’s Pet First Philosophy!

Surgeries: Dr. Batra’s Pet Care provides orthopedic, exploratory and soft tissue surgery for a range of conditions in dogs and cats. Our homeopathy veterinary specialists have expertise across many sub-specialties as well as across all aspects of surgery.

Grooming: Dr. Batra’s Pet groomers have been professionally trained and are highly qualified; many have bred specific training as well. We will also make every effort to accommodate your special grooming requests. Long hair or short, big or small, we groom them all with special consideration.

Our Services Include:

All Natural ShampooFlea Treatment
BathingNail Clipping
Blow & Fluff DryingFacials
BrushingSkin Care
Teeth CleaningStyling
Trimming & CuttingGland Cleaning

Lab Tests: Dr. Batra’s Pet Care incorporates a branch of medical science that studies the causes, nature and effects of diseases on pets.

  • Pathology — specialized tests for resistance to antibiotics
  • Parasite Infections — state that has been caused by the death of cells and living tissue
  • Parvovirus & Distemper — highly contagious viral illness
  • Leptospirosis — disease caused by infection with bacteria

Salient Features

  • We conduct Buffy Coat examination to detect infection with malaria or other blood parasites.
  • All reports are sent to the pet owners via SMS or Email and are bar coded to avoid any confusion.
  • Reports are authentic and credible without errors to ensure quick medical assistance.

Pet Shop: Dr. Batra’s Pet Care provides extensive assortment of pet products specially imported from USA, UK, Korea, Belgium and Shanghai for your cherished pets. The products are pet affable and are specially designed, keeping your loved ones in mind!

Key Facilities

OPD – Lets you visit us between
10 am – 7 pm with your pet’s treatment requirements.

OT (Surgery) – Treating an acute medical condition of your canine or feline with an appropriate soft tissue surgery.

Pet Shop – Catering to all your pet care needs under one roof, Dr. Batra’s Pet Care includes a pet shop covering a wide range of pet care products.

Grooming Centre – Taking care of your pet’s entire grooming needs also make every effort to accommodate your special grooming requests.